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One of the attitudes in the Dance Your Life series is COURAGE, an attitude that emerges after we take an action we do not want to take because it scares us. COURAGE follows fear. There is a book called, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. It is in facing your particular fear and acting in spite of it that allows COURAGE to rise from deep within to the surface.

We have all felt fear and the desire to run the other way. Doubt and fear make us feel small. Facing something big when we feel so small takes strength, determination, trust in ourself, and half a dozen other attributes all working together to build enough COURAGE inside us to motivate us to action. We may wish it were the other way around, “If I had courage, I would act.” In my experience, COURAGE shows up after I act. With practice, fear dissolves; COURAGE remains.

Life is like an obstacle course, littered with one obstacle after another. Every area of life-- job or career, health, finances, relationships, spiritual journey-- has difficulties to face and move through. Pick one. Allow yourself to feel your fear fully for two minutes. Then, take action, moving forward through the obstacle, to the other side where you will feel the exhilaration of COURAGE. By the way, confidence also surfaces as a bonus.

I faced my fear to tell the truth, to speak in front of a group, to dance on a stage, to own my own business, to travel outside my comfort zone physically and figuratively. I encourage you to face your fears and move beyond them. It feels good. It’s how you make the transition from struggling to survive to dancing your life.

If you follow my blog, I will reveal to you all the attitudes necessary to practice and master so you too can say, “Life is good. All is well. I am happy.”

Life sometimes throws you into situations that you did not expect or plan to be in.

This is not always the best situations to be in but I have found out through life that it takes some time and sincere thinking to get out of the situation or figure out the best solutions.

You try to figure out, with Gods help, the best way to change things with the least hurt to anyone.

You cannot change others, only yourself.

C. Oxford
C. Oxford,

Thanks for your comment to my remarks on COURAGE. It takes some life experience to figure out that you cannot change others, only yourself. In my experience, improving myself has upgraded all areas of my life -- relationships, health, living situation, work, even family dynamics.

Do you have a blog?
That was a fabulous statement on ourage. As I have that symbol in Chinese tattooed on my neck, it is a quality that I highly revere and aspire to live life from. I'm finding that when I feel fear to find a way to love, give something, and get right into the cycle of loving dissolves the fear almost immediately. It takes courage not to buy into fear.:-)
Thank you for sharing Italian Pixie (love your name). You make it real for other readers when you report overcoming fear with courage. Good job!
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