Sunday, September 10, 2006



Another attitude in the Dance Your Life series is COMPASSION. This attitude comes with maturity and life experience. Before the attitude of COMPASSION is forged, one is appropriately selfish. Selfishness, viewed from its positive perspective, is a phase we all pass through during our adolescent years on our way to becoming adults.

It is important to be selfish on your way to woman-manhood. It is from focusing on “me, me, me” that we learn who we are, what we want, what we have to contribute. If we have COMPASSIONATE, understanding parents and teachers, who allow us to be selfish during our teen years, we develop naturally. We become compassionate, understanding adults by their example. If not, we might get stuck in that phase of development and grow into very selfish adults with little understanding or COMPASSION for others.

With life experience and maturity, we eventually begin to think of others, put ourselves in their shoes so to speak, see other perspectives besides our own. That is when the attitude of COMPASSION begins to develop and grow from within. We can understand, even though we may not agree. We can forgive, even though we will never forget. We can open our heart and love more. COMPASSION is an attitude of maturity, whatever age it is demonstrated.

If you follow my blog, I will reveal to you all the attitudes necessary to practice and master so you too can say, “Life is good. All is well. I am happy.”

very very nice posts. very motivating very inspiring. and very true :)

yup, i read the 5 people u meet in heaven - it was an awesome book.
Hi Winz, I am glad you find my posts inspiring, motivating and true. I was hoping my thoughts would be helpful to bloggers who stopped by to read them.

Speaking of books, I am loving the contemporary stories of author Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Have you ever read any of her many novels? Once I start her book, I can't put it down! It's so fun!
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