Sunday, August 27, 2006



One of the attitudes in the Dance Your Life series is RESPECT. One meaning for RESPECT is allowing other people to have their choices even though they may not be your choices. To make other people wrong when their choices are not the same as yours is disrespectful.

My husband and I have professions at opposite ends of the healthcare spectrum. He is in the medical field. I am in the alternative healthcare field. When we first married, my husband would accompany me to the conferences that I was interested in, but I would be disappointed when he didn’t enjoy them too. I would attend his medical conferences with him, but I did not resonate with the medical point of view, which disappointed him. We were clearly at odds and often at war over our opposing points of view.

The solution, we came to learn, was simply acceptance and RESPECT for the other person’s choice. I have great RESPECT for my husband’s expertise in the medical profession. He has great RESPECT for my expertise in the alternative approach to healing. Now, I attend the conferences that interest me without him and vice versa.

If you are going to dance your life, you must develop RESPECT for people’s choices, rather than put energy into trying to get them to switch to your choices. I’ve tried it. It does not build and support a loving relationship.

If you follow my blog, I will reveal to you all the attitudes necessary to practice and master so you too can say, “Life is good. All is well. I am happy.”

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